's Training Infrastructure as a Service

We want to help you conduct your training seminars. Where you provide the training, we can provide you training infrastructure as a service (TIaaS). Some of the benefits of using our infrastructure:
  • Private queue, no wait times
  • No Galaxy Maintenance
  • No Galaxy Administration
  • Free
Please note that we do provide this service for free to everyone, so we ask you kindly likewise ensure that no one is restricted in their participation (e.g. due to gender/age/race/too high course fees/etc.). You can read more about TIaaS on it's info page

This service is free for you. For us, we need to care for funding to continue this service. To do this, we are happy to show the usefulness of our service for you und we would kindly to ask you to write a small blogpost for our homepage about your training course given with Galaxy. Some examples you can find on Please submit your blogpost to Thanks a lot!

We normally need to know about training for 2 weeks in advance to fit it into the calendar and to properly evaluate resources needs.

Simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you with any further details we need.

Data Privacy

Email: Your email address is requested for when we need to contact you, it will be redacted (by default) 2 months after your training finishes

Name: This is only used for addressing you by your name in emails, and will likewise be redacted (by default) after 2 months.

Location: We will use the country in which the training is held in our reporting on that status of the project. The aggregate information will be made public, but it will not be connected to your training.

You can contact us at

First name is fine, however you wish to be addressed in emails
If you consent we will retain your information for a longer period of time. We will use this to contact you regarding letters of support for our continued funding, and similar matters.

About the Course

Just tell us briefly about the training, what topics you'll cover, etc.
Country where it is hosted, used in aggregate statistics

Estimating Resource Usage

This is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT section for us and for you, the more detailed you can be, the better we can be in granting you the correct resources. If we only grant resources that are too small, then you will be stuck waiting in the normal queue because the jobs cannot be scheduled on the VMs we have allocated for you.

Tool resource usage can be very surprising. We schedule tools based on their WORST CASE MEMORY USAGE. We do not have many high-memory machines. These two facts combined mean that sometimes a tool can use an expected amount of memory when running on our infrastructure.

If you can provide the precise workflows you will run, that is optimal. We can extract the list of tools and compare that against our job configuration, then we can allocate a VM with enough resources for your participants to run that tool (on a small dataset) in a reasonable amount of time.

Those available on
If you are using official training materials: which ones? Please provide the topic + material name, or URLs so we can find it.
If not using official training materials, please provide URLs to your workflows, or just simply a list of all tool IDs that you will run. We need the internal Galaxy tool IDs (if you right click a tool in the Galaxy UI + copy link location, this will provide the tool ID in the URL)

Training Identifier

We need a short keyword to name your training. It should be a single word, and can contain numbers and letters. Once the infrastructure is setup, you'll receive a URL like

On the day of your training (or before), you'll tell your attendees to go to this URL and it will automatically place them in a group that redirects them to the private resources dedicated for your training

Training identifier should consist of lowercase letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens.


We offer this service for free so we would love to be able to show the positive impacts providing it has had in the worldwide Galaxy community.

We can create an "event" and direct users in your region to your training event.E.g
Would you be willing to write a blogpost after your event, summarising your experience with TIaaS and how it helped you?

Anything else?

Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS) licensed under the AGPLv3, running commit 79a27c5a2a8661740320db059f9415421dc4fb63